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San Diego Zoo

Yesterday I took my almost 5 month old daughter to the San Diego zoo with my friend, who also happens to be a military wife, Myriam and her daughter Tasha (Natalia). I was very curious on how my daughter would react to everything because she has always been a big observer. The weather could not have been more perfect, high 70s and cloudy with a slight breeze.

Aria loved strolling around the zoo and people watching. Many of the animals were far away, so they didn’t catch her attention as much. I took her in and out of her stroller multiple times so she can get a better look at the animals. 

These bears were ones that caught her eyes as I took her out of the stroller. Her reaction was funny, she gave me that “what the heck are those mommy” look as she looked at me and looked at them. 

The giraffes were super close! There was one eating food right next to us. It startled Aria, the giraffe had got scared from another group of people and ran across the exibit. Aria watched him run and walk back to his food the whole time. I was actually a little surprised with how well she kept her eyes on him as he moved around. I would say these were Aria’s favorite animals to look at. She didn’t want to stop looking at them!

Anyone else love the orangutans? They are always so funny! I’m pretty sure Aria thought they were probably the weirdest of them all. She was starring at them, especially this one because he kept walking back and forth in front of her. A few minutes after this picture, another orangutan was rolling all the way across the exibit. We thought it was hilarious!​

San Diego zoos centennial year. At 8:30pm they put on a little parade. Aria loved it! So much music and animals to look at. Her reaction was priceless. They had people in monkey outfits that kept waving at us and dancing giraffes too. It was really cool. 

Our first trip to the zoo was definitely a success. My baby girl loved the zoo as I was hoping she would! I’ve only been to a few different zoos and the San Diego zoo is so far my favorite!   🐯🦁🐼🐨 

I can’t wait to take her again when she is older so we can see her reaction once she knows more of what’s going on. 



My name is Kelsey Beltran. I'm married to my Sailor, Mama to one pretty little babe, and I'm here to talk about life as a Navy Wife/Mama!

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