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Five Months Old

Crazy how fast time can fly! My baby girl turns 5 months old today. In one month it amazes me how much she has changed. We switch to straight formula, (sad mommy) she learned how to roll over, she knows how to sit up, and we started introducing her to solids. 

Her personality has changed a lot too. A month ago we would put toys in front of her and she would just stair at them. Now she’s all over them! Am I the only one who has a baby who wants everything in their mouth? Anything she gets her hands on it goes straight to the mouth. 

Becoming a mother has changed me so much from who I am and how I do things. I won’t never change a thing. Watching my daughter grow and seeing her laugh and smile are priceless moments. The goods and the bads are a part of life that I look forward to everyday. 

Mommy and Daddy love you more than you will ever know baby girl❤️



My name is Kelsey Beltran. I'm married to my Sailor, Mama to one pretty little babe, and I'm here to talk about life as a Navy Wife/Mama!

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