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6 Months Old 

Today my sweet baby girl turned 6 months old. Where has time gone? Why is it flying by so quickly? From the minute I seen her on my first ultrasound I fell in love. Our mommy && daughter bond is inseparable. 

Aria rolls over like a total crazy person now and she is starting to pull herself. I figure she will be crawling within the next few weeks which means no stopping her! She sits up like a champ too. She still loves bath time, well pretty much any water time. She is a Cali baby for sure. 

Aria loves all things food, from formula to baby food. So far she has tried: sweet potato, peas, green beans, carrots, avocados, bananas, mixed berries, and mango. She likes most her veggies cold and her fruits at room temp but she wasn’t a fan of mango. She also loves drinking water! So far she gets 4oz of water a day and if mommy is drinking water from a cup or water bottle, she gets a sip and drinks from them a little to well. We have also started her on her first sippy cup in which she only drinks water from. She hasn’t quite got the hang of it but she’s learning. 

She’s always smiling and laughing. Aria brings joy to everyone around her. Mommy and daddy go back and forward because she says DaDa all the time now but she also says mom; daddy doesn’t think so. 

Aria is definitely teething but not to bad right now. She puts anything and everything into her mouth. She also loves her binky too! 

Never have I known I could love someone like I love our daughter. Daddy loves you unconditionally little mamas and so does mommy!💗



My name is Kelsey Beltran. I'm married to my Sailor, Mama to one pretty little babe, and I'm here to talk about life as a Navy Wife/Mama!

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