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Grandparents Day

Aria has so many amazing grandparents! Every year my sister has always celebrated Grandparents day which is the second Sunday in September. I personally think it’s a great holiday along side Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Aria has so much love for her great-pop, ‘ol pawpaw, papa, grandpa, abuelo, great-grandma, and grandmas. I love that she has so many grandparents because growing up, that is something I never really had.

My abuelita passed away when I was young and I have a vage memory of her. All my other grandparents were never in the picture. My moms father came around when I was 17 and within 5 months he passed away. So my luck with grandparents was never good. Therefore I’m very thankful our children will be blessed with many grandparents. All the more reason to celebrate! 

Lots of love and kisses to each and everyone of them! 

Xoxo, Aria! 



My name is Kelsey Beltran. I'm married to my Sailor, Mama to one pretty little babe, and I'm here to talk about life as a Navy Wife/Mama!

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