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Home Stretch 

Being a military wife is not easy. My husband is a Navy Sailor on the USS Carl Vinson. From the beginning of this year they have gone underway for sea trials in preparation for their upcoming deployment. They have been gone for what seems like forever but in reality only five weeks. 

The excitement every time he comes home after being gone for a long time is unreal. It’s like a little kid getting butterflies over their crush for the first time. 

In times, it’s very hard because I feel lonely and missing him becomes unbarable. Finding things to occupy my mind is the key. During this underway my daughter and I spent it with family in Arizona and Colorado. Each day was something different and we were always doing something. It helped a lot that I heard from my husband almost everyday, even if it was just one email. Just the thought that he was thinking about our daughter and I made my heart happy. 

I decided to make him ceviche for when he gets home since I know how much he likes shrimp.The house is cleaned, baby is asleep and now we wait. Let’s hope I can get some sleep and the excitement doesn’t keep me awake! I can’t wait to see my sailor!❤️⚓️