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My daughter (Aria) is almost 5 months old, which means time for food! For the past month she has been ready for food but my husband and I agreed we wanted to wait for her to turn 5 months. For the past month every time I ate something, she wanted some too! I’ve let her have a few licks here and there but nothing full on until yesterday. We were sitting on the couch watching the Rio Olympics, I was eating my favorite salad, chipotle chicken salad, and Aria would not stop trying to grab my food! With her being so close to 5 months I said “Why not?” And smash a little avocado and fed it to her. She makes me laugh. Aria was most definitely ready for food! 

She kept getting excited and wouldn’t hold still! Instead of spitting it out, back and forth, this tiny human ate it as if she was trying to chew it! Yes, you heard right. Reminded me of an elder person with no teeth trying to chew smashed up food. She is a food lover for sure! I can’t wait to keep feeding her foods to see what she likes and doesn’t like!